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Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels work by converting the Sun’s energy into Electricity. The Sun’s rays hit the surface of the panel (photovoltaic cell to be precise) and convert the sunlight into energy. The sun’s rays are more scientifically known as photons. As photon’s hit the surface of the panel, it causes a chemical reaction within the cell… Read More

Pure Water - Why and How Do You Use It?

You use no soap? So how does it clean? Think of regular, standard tap water. It has a taste which differs from home to home. The taste is due to the dissolved minerals and ions in the water. For tap water, that’s a great thing! But it’s not so good for windows… Read More

Conservatory Cleaning

Did you know we also offer conservatory cleaning? Over time, the grime and dirt builds up on any conservatory. Even in winter, it pays to give you conservatory an occasional clean! We apply the same professional care and use the same professional pure water equipment on your conservatory and windows… Read More

Velux Window Cleaning

Velux windows are fantastic. They give light in an otherwise dark attic room. But let’s be honest, they’re almost impossible to keep clean. When was the last time yours were cleaned? Have they ever been cleaned? No problem for us… Read More

High Rise Window Cleaning

It’s been 8 years since the management company cleaned these windows in a Newcastle high rise block. We got them looking fantastic again though… Read More