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You use no soap? So how does it clean?

Think of regular, standard tap water. It has a taste which differs from home to home. The taste is due to the dissolved minerals and ions in the water. For tap water, that’s a great thing! But it’s not so good for windows…

Bottled water has even more dissolved minerals because that water (as they’re so fond of telling you on the bottle) has been collected “at source”. This basically means they’ve taken it directly from the ground, after it has dribbled it’s way through all that rock, containing (you guessed it) – lots of minerals – like calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Minerals in Bottled Water

So I suppose we could call these extra particles, impurities.

Purified water is simply water with all those impurities removed which makes it excellent for cleaning because the water will naturally attract the dirt and drag it off the windows.

Why are my windows dirty after a Pure Water Clean?

A really bad case of spotting

In short, it proves that it’s working!

Imagine the “old style” window cleaner with his bucket and Fairy liquid. What happens when that water dries? Your windows are caked in the dried minerals of the tap water and the dried Fairy liquid! All that gunk has built up over time and is even trapped around the frames and beneath the rubber seals.

A carpet stain might take a few good scrubs to remove but once it’s gone, keeping it clean is much easier. Your windows are exactly the same!

We are proud to say that we not only clean the panes but the frames too – any dirt that the pure water touches will be dragged off the window – but occasionally some of this may dry on the window after the first clean. It’s technically known as spotting.

We’re great at what we do, so it’s very rare but if it does happen, we offer a completely free re-clean guarantee for any spotting related issues. Just give us a call straight away and we’ll be right back round to get it fixed!

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