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Solar panels work by converting the Sun’s energy into Electricity. The Sun’s rays hit the surface of the panel (photovoltaic cell to be precise) and convert the sunlight into energy.

The sun’s rays are more scientifically known as photons. As photon’s hit the surface of the panel, it causes a chemical reaction within the cell and causes a current (electricity) to flow. This is then captured for you to use in the home or sell back to the National Grid.

So less photons (because of dirt) hitting the surface = less electricity being generated.

Solar Panels

Solar panels use light not heat. So if they’re dirty, you’re throwing away electricity (and money!)

It’s Cloudy – Who Cares How Dirty They Are?

No! That’s even more reason to care! When it’s cloudy, you need to eek out as much energy as possible from the panels. The panels need to be in tip-top condition especially on cloudy days!

Window Cleaning NE use the same detergent-free pure water cleaning system on your solar panels and windows, with the same fantastic results!

Contact us today to ensure you’re making the most of your solar panels. We guarantee a perfect clean!